For Masters only!

Required boarding arrangements at WANDELAAR pilot station when using SWATH-type pilot vessel

In case of a combination arrangement for ships with a freeboard of more than 9 metres and no side door:

- the lower platform should be at least 7 metres above sealevel;

- the pilot ladder should be 3,5 metres above sealevel.

Required boarding arrangements for pilots

In accordance with the SOLAS Regulation V/23 and the IMO Resolution A.1045(27), pilot ladders should comply with the figure and/or downloadable file below.

Required boarding arrangements for pilot

Pilot exchange zone

There are four pilot exchange zones:

  • pick-up or drop off pilot at the WANDELAAR Pilot Station (Belgium) - by SWATH (see picture) or pilot tender (see picture)
  • pick-up or drop off pilot at the STEENBANK Pilot Station (the Netherlands) - by SWATH (see picture) or pilot tender (see picture)
  • pilot exchange at Flushing Roads - by pilot tender (see picture)
  • pilot exchange at Antwerp Road in case the ship is bound for or sailing from Temse, Rupel or Wintam - by pilot tender (see picture)
Pilot transfer zones

Passage planning - will be updated soon

The Flemish pilots present typical passage plans for berths in the ports of Antwerpen, Gent and Zeebrugge so that Masters are able to obtain a clear picture of the usual route to and from the nominated berth.

It must be clearly understood that these passages are typical or ideal. Circumstances will occur where deviation from these typical plans will occur. Where deviation from the plan is required, the pilot will discuss the anticipated modification to the plan and the consequences of the required changes with the Master.

These typical passage plans are to be used for guidance only, in conjunction with nautical charts and publications. The final passage plan may vary after considering all operational factors, and will be discussed and verified during the Master-Pilot exchange.

Beloodsing kanaal Gent-Terneuzen